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Bi Drum Foot Mounted Boiler

Product Details

  • Boiler Capacity : 5 TPH to 75 TPH
  • Boiler Pressure : 10.54 up to 55 kg/cm2
  • Fuels : LDO/FO/Natural Gas

Salient Features

  • Pre-engineered design for predictable performance & no Teething Problems :The boilers offered by us are based on Bidrum Water Tube Babcock designs and incorporates operating experience. This experience ensures that you do not have to face teething problems during installation.
  • Maximum furnace wall cooling for higher efficiency & lower maintenance : Furnace wall water-cooling includes sidewalls, roof and floor, and high duty rear wall as well. This eliminates refractory and its attendant maintenance. This special feature of the FM boilers locate total water cooling where it is most needed and where it can contribute most to keeping maintenance costs down.
  • Tube bank access doors for Tube inspections & Water washing : Tube bank access doors on front and rear side of Convection Bank Tubes with SS & Ceramic Wool Insulation provides the access to all the tubes for cleaning and inspection and inspection of the tubes. Across both the top and the bottom of the boiler bank
  • Conservative heat release rates for reliable operation and longer life : The FM boilers are designed for very conservative heat release rates in the boiler furnace to reduce emissions & to enhance the life of the unit
  • Higher thermal efficiency for overall operating economy : The HCFM boilers are provided with compact finned tube economizers for increasing the boiler efficiency. The compact economizers also save precious space.