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Designing Engineering Solution

RED SEA INTERNATIONAL. An end to end engineering and design consultancy solutions cover all the key aspects of a food/oil technology industries related to engineering/design aspects such as latest technology implementation, equipment, production units, basic 2D design aspects, plants layouts, 3D BIM Modeling process and related software applications. We provide expert solutions to a variety of design and engineering challenges for clients across the multiple projects. As specialists, we thrive on solving problems and enabling new capabilities that improve your bottom line. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to quickly understand your issue and provide an efficient, workable solution that is both tailored and cost-effective.

At Plant Design Solutions, we have the expertise to help you successfully implement your software, integrate it into your operations, and optimize your design processes as well as existing workflows. Through our proven implementation methodology and user-friendly catalog, we help ensure predictable workloads, accurate budgets and high adoption rates. With us, you benefit from specialized skills and expertise to avoid roadblocks, resolve any potential issues and get the most out of your solution. As a result, you can maximize the return on your investment.

Our solution comprises of:
    • Site Selection
    • Project Report
    • Product Selection
    • Process Automation
    • Architectural, Structural, Plumbing, Electrical,HVAC design flow
    • Piping Specification
    • BIM for Process
    • CAD Management Outsourcing
    • Data Management Systems Integration
    • Specialized QA /QC
    • Implementation Services
    • Software Support solutions
    • Content Creation