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Gas & Liquid Fired Thermic Heater


Abnormal Condition Safety Action
Low Thermic Fluid Level in Expansion Tank Level Switch actuated at expansion tank cuts of the ID Fan / FD Fan.
Low Thermic Fluid Flow Differential pressure switch (DPS) across inlet and outlet headers cuts of the ID Fan slowing down combustion.
Thermic Fluid system pressure high due to system valves closure etc. Pressure switch cuts of ID Fan and alarm. Safety relief valve (Optional) to be provided in the system piping so as to bypass the oil.
Thermic Fluid Temperature High Digital Temperature cuts of ID fan at set point.
Coil Chocking Differential pressure Switch (DPS) across system cuts of the ID Fan Slowing down combustion.
Thermic Fluid Motor Trip Electrical Interlock cuts of fans.
Power Failure Diesel Engine (Optional) keeps Thermic fluid moving to avoid overheating and overflow of oil. Exhaust with Damper provided on furnace to drive away hot gases directly.