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Liquid Fuel Boiler

Salient Features

  • Pre-engineered design for predictable performance & no Teething problems :
    The Liquid Fuel Boiler, offered by us, is designed based on bi drum water Tube Bab cock designs that ensure no face teething problems during installation.
  • Maximum furnace wall cooling for higher efficiency & lower maintenance :
    Our Wall Furnace comprises of roof & floor, sidewalls, and high duty rear wall. With this furnace wall cooling that features FM boiler to locate total water cooling to keep maintenance costs down.
  • Tube bank access doors for tube inspections & water washing :
    The Tube bank access doors on front & rear side of conversion bank tubes makes the process of cleaning and inspection easier. It is made by using SS & Ceramic Wool Insulation.
  • Conservative heat release rates for reliable operation & water washing :
    FM Boilers designed very conservative to enhance the life of the unit and for reducing emissions.
  • Higher thermal efficiency for overall operating economy :
    The Liquid Fuel Boilers are provided with compact finned tube economizers that increase boiler efficiency. It also saves precious space.


  • Boiler Capacity : 5 TPH to 75 TPH
  • Boiler Pressure : 10.54 up to 55 Kg/cm2
  • Fuels : LDO / FO / Natural Gas